Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Sunflower ATCs

Good Evening!!! I have some great news to share with you- I have actually acquired a proper, regular, fully paid....job!! It has all happened quite quickly really, I handed in my application form the day after I got back from my narrowboating holiday, the next afternoon I was being interviewed and was offered a trial day for the next week (last Wednesday) and then I started working full time on Monday. So I have been employed for three days now!! Hugely exciting although absolutely exhausting as I have to be standing on my feet all day.

Today was my day off so I spent most of it stitching in front of various episodes of Murder, She Wrote (the box set I am currently working my way through). I had to make some Sunflower ATCs for this month's swap- sadly the only swap for this month, our group seems to be grinding to a halt.

I spent my lunch break yesterday cutting out the individual petal shapes, which have been stitched down with a single stitch. The background is green scrim and then I have used tiny beads for the centre. Quite proud of these.

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