Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Samantha Bryan

Evening All. Aren't these little aviator fairies gorgeous? So sweet and funny with their inventions. Fairies are very clever you know!
They are the creations of a very talented lady called Samantha Bryan who I first learnt about, ooh, about ten minutes ago! It just goes to show the power of sharing on Facebook as her collaboration with R&A Collaborations (to make a short stop motion video about her work and how the fairies came about) is being shared by designers and admirers all over the Internet! I thought you would all love it too. Definitely take a few moments to have a watch.

Click HERE to see the video. xx

(P.S: I would just like to clarify that I do not own the images I have uploaded to this post, they have been borrowed from the same link as the video.)

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