Sunday, 5 October 2014

Sunshine Glow

 (By Carol)

Good morning all!! Happy Sunday! I had some lovely post the other day but have only just had time to sit and photograph it to show you. These are the returns for the Sunflower ATC swap. Aren't they beautiful?

 (By Hazel)

 (By Janet)

I haven't had a lot of time for crafting and creativeness lately. By the time I manage to get home from work, there is just about time to reheat and eat the plate of food left for me, maybe sit for a bit to rest my hurty feet and then I just want to get to bed! Hopefully I will eventually settle into more of a rhythm and not be so tired all the time, then  I can reintroduce my crazy creative projects.

I am super thrilled with how my patchwork blanket is looking. I've only joined together 8 florets out of the 83 I have waiting so I think this project will be a slow burner. It's looking a bit crumpled at the moment though as I take out the paper pieces as soon as one hexagon is fully stitched all the way around- makes it easier to store and continue sewing as it isn't so stiff.

I still have a few paper pieces to take out before I will attach the next floret. Thinking about what colours I should put in next is good fun as I am trying to match colours as best I can, but not make any area completely one colour- mixing things up a bit!

As I picked up my mini blanket after the garden photoshoot I loved how it caught the light! So pretty the way the colours seem to glow.

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