Sunday, 2 November 2014

Too Early?

There have been some beautiful sunrises this week, this one was particularly lovely. There is just something about silhouettes of trees against orange/pink/purple/yellow stripy skies.

I hope everyone had a lovely Halloween. We didn't get any trick or treaters- which meant we could eat all of the chocolates ourselves!! Whoopee! 

I treated myself to some flowers yesterday on the way home from work. Gorgeous frilly pinks and reds. I do love these little flowers and they last for ages, providing long term happiness.

Plus they match my Christmas cactus which is excelling itself in the flower quantities this year. There are flowers and buds all over it!

I'm not sure if it is too early to show you but I am going to anyway. If you want nothing to do with Christmas for another few weeks then save this post for later and stop reading now- but I hope you won't.
I have been working on a project for my ATC group. We have decided to send Christmas cards to each other this year instead of a group Christmas project and I have begun early in case I get bogged down with work or other projects later.
My idea was to make 6 ATCs (we are making a maximum of six cards) which will then be carefully stitched to the front of a blank card. When Christmas is over and the recipient wants to start a new year clear out, they can detach the ATC from the card and add it to their collection. Hopefully a neater alternative to keeping the entire card.

The first four cards are all in shades of red/green/cream and have a crazy patchwork base with stitched felt motifs. I designed the cards during my lunch breaks and am thrilled with how they have turned out. Hopefully when the weather is less gloomy I can photograph them again so that you get clearer details.

(The Christmas pud has bullion knot raisins!!)

So just two more cards to make and then I will have finished this particular project. I am thinking snowmen and robins!!

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