Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve ♥

♥ Wearing novelty Christmas socks! I have an ever growing collection and they always make me smile. 

 Pre-Christmas baking. This morning was full of cheese, jam and mincemeat swirls (not all in the same swirl though-yuck!) which made the kitchen smell lovely. The Sister did her baking during the last two evenings and has made millionaire shortbread (with edible glitter) and flapjacks.

 Opening the last door on my chocolate advent calender. There is always a sense of accomplishment and achievement somehow when opening that final big door and discovering the BIG chocolate behind it.

 Finding the cat squeezed into a shoe box in the living room. The Mother treated herself to a new pair of boots and whilst trying them on, Ziggy snuck into the box and claimed it for his own.

 The last bit of present wrapping, accompanied by hot coffee in a Christmas mug and a freshly baked mincemeat swirl. Delish!

 Going back in to the living room to put the newly wrapped presents under the tree to discover that the cat has changed position, squeezing himself even further into the now bulging box. So cute.

 And finally, beginning to lay the table with my new quilted Christmas table runner. Add in the Poinsettia at the end (just cut out of the photo) and I think it looks lovely! It is now a much more crowded table with a variety of jams, fruit coulis, croissants, pan o chocolate and granola cereals. We will feast in the morning!

If I don't get to say it tomorrow, then from all of the Dotty Textiles family:


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