Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Coming Along Nicely

I have been loving these few days off. It hasn't all been stitching (I have had to thoroughly tidy and clean my bedroom before The Sister gets home and it has taken hOuRs!!!) but there has been some great, relaxed moments with just me and my needle working through the piles of colourful hexagons.

I have used up all of my hexagon florets now and am thinking I will just work with single hexagon pieces to try and get a more rectangular shape. This morning I pinned all of the remaining florets to the quilt so that I would remember where I wanted them to go.
It hasn't all been plain sailing- in the above photo you can see some fluffy white threads at the edges of some of the hexagons where I had to unpick an entire section that I had started at work but then didn't fit with the main piece, Very annoying but had to be done!

It really looks like a beehive now!

I have also been enjoying some play time with the cats. Yesterday Kit sniffed out his Christmas present (I shall have to hide it better next year) and has spent a lot of today playing with it. Sorry the photos are blurry but he was attacking the catnip cigar so fast the camera couldn't focus. It is really lovely to see him play like a kitten even at the grand old age of 15!

It is very tiring being kitten-like and he soon found somewhere to rest his weary bones. It has slowed progress on stitching the quilt together though.

Such a cutie.

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