Monday, 8 December 2014

Feeling Festive

Hello All!! I have got three days off in a row from work (wooo!!!)- well four if you include the Sunday just gone. I have a long list of jobs I am supposed to be doing, but I would much rather be making pretty things or doing fun things when the alternative is tidying bedrooms, sorting through boxes and packing up other boxes for the attic.
I have managed to get some jobs off of my list this morning though- finishing off the majority of my Christmas presents for the family and posting out the first wave of cards. I wrapped most my presents yesterday so that was a job job-ded as well. I had to pop in to town earlier to accomplish my jobs, and as the queue in the Post Office went all of the way around the shop, decided to have a wander around town instead. Tesco was my favourite shop today, I found this gorgeous wreath that is simple but smells delicious!

I love the way the gold sprayed pine cones sparkle in the sunshine.

We have been having some lovely weather lately, although it is still freezing cold outside. Everything looks better in the sunshine.

I also found a (reduced price!!) little Poinsettia that somehow appeared in my basket. They sell even tinier ones you know but they were too small. I'm thinking that this one can have pride of place on my Christmas table runner at our table this year.

Loving the textures of the petals.

Thankfully after I had wandered around feeling festive with my wreath and Poinsettia, cards and Christmas gift bags etc etc the queue in the Post Office had died down a bit and I could finish off posting my Christmas cards and make my way home to a warm mince pie. Delicious!

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