Sunday, 4 January 2015

:: End Of Year Review ::

Hello! And welcome to my end of year review. It has been a real pleasure for me to go right back to my blog posts at the beginning of January 2014, slowly working my way through the year, month by month, collecting photos of my creations, places visited, holidays, pets, snacks etc and collating them into quick collages. You don't realise just how much you can fit into a year and this only shows a small snippet of mine- I really recommend that maybe a New Years resolution for you this year is to carry a camera on you at all times to document the little and mundane things that make you smile.
So then, here are a few of my favourite bits of last year, starting with the collage at the top...

January:: Finishing off my first camp blanket, a hand made Scottie dog from one of The Mother's parcels, a pleated ATC, sorting a jelly roll into colours, a Hyacinth blooming on the window ledge, my first hand stitched chimney piece, the beginnings of the 'Summer in the Park' machine stitched quilt (which I still need to finish!), the bobble crochet blanket and a Sew and Stitch bunting square.

February:: The ruins at Bradgate Deer Park, a pink Hyacinth this time, my Winter Scene fabric postcard, a cheeky character at Abbey Park, playing with padded chimneys, a Sew and Stitch starfish, a beautiful miniature Iris at Sweetbriar, George the house rabbit and chocolate nests!

March:: An Easter parcel from The Mother, a Flowerbed themed ATC, making gingerbread men, heavy hail at Sweetbriar, a Sew and Stitch anchor square, Chain stitch ATCs, a teapot of orange flowers, my growing seaside quilt and my university studio space.

April:: My up-cycled crochet hat, a vase of flowers in honour of The Parent's Easter visit to Leicester, crazy patchwork inchies, a Herringbone stitch ATC, blossom trees in the Church garden, Japan themed ATCs, my Easter tree, Abbey Park inspired crazy patchwork postcard and my Easter decorations.

May:: My hot orange Calandiva, a sunflower mosaic coaster, the final hand in of my final major project at university, a Sew and Stitch boat, Elephant ATCs, my chimney lampshades, Ziggy in the sunshine, a floaty kite and goslings in Abbey Park.

June:: At New Designers in London, The Sister's zig zag ripple, my stepping stone mosaic, the stand at New Designers, a Sew and Stitch lighthouse square, a walk along a coastal path, raspberries from the garden at Sweetbriar, my display at the degree show and a jug of yellow flowers.

July:: A very early Christmas themed embroidery, Beside the Sea ATCs, my graduation, caterpillars on the Nasturtiums, a Seaside themed fabric postcard, my first loaf of bread(!), the Let It Be hoop embroidery, a mosaic tray and roses in the garden.

August:: The birthday Live Love Laugh cushion, baby swallows at Hampton Court Castle, stitches from my sunflower embroidery, The Sister's finished zig zag ripple blanket, a butterfly from Wye Valley Butterfly Zoo, my Live Love Laugh embroidered hoop, Amy's Matilda cushion, the commissioned Allium embroidery and the tin of joy.

September:: Beginning to put my hexagon quilt florets together, Kit enjoying the sunshine, a sock teddy bear for Guides, my pile of hexagon florets, the commissioned cushions (that I still can't show you as they are a present not yet given), my new blog logo by the fantastic Emily Richards, a Sunflower ATC, my Home Sweet Home hoop and the Four Counties Ring Narrow Boat holiday.

October:: The Halloween table display, Firle Beacon, finding a Coke bottle with my name on (sort of), carving the pumpkin and making pumpkin and ginger tea loaf, a Sew and Stitch square, quilting in the car, colour collecting with bright red berries, starting to remove the paper pieces from the quilt and The Mother's autumn wreath.

November:: The Guide's stockings at the St Bartz weekend, playing with leaves when waiting for a bus to arrive, my ATC Christmas cards, decorating gingerbread at St Bartz, Poppies at the Tower of London, a Costa Brownie hot chocolate, my Christmas table runner, the sea of Poppies and a bunch of red flowers to brighten the kitchen.

December:: (Part One) :: A Partridge in a Pear Tree ATC, Ziggy under the Christmas tree, a frosty morning, Christmas baking, my lovely Poinsettia,  lavender chickens, Working the last few hexagon florets onto my quilt, Christmas tree lights and my 5 year certificate for being a Guide leader.

December:: (Part Two):: My lovely wreath on the front door, Kit on my hexagon quilt top, festive socks, a mince pie, laser cut gingerbread man decoration, final wrapping of presents, felt heart tree decorations, frozen lavender and the last door on the advent calendar.

So there we have it, a whole year in a few photos. I hope this year will be as lovely and varied as the last!

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