Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Wintry Turtle Doves

Why is it that whenever I want to photograph my newest ATC sets, the weather is awful and the light is dingy? I can't seem to get nice photos of my projects at the moment- roll on summer and bright lights!! Today is dingy and wet- we had hoped to visit Sheffield Park and have a wander but this is looking increasingly unlikely which is such a shame!
Kit very bravely ventured into the garden for a minute or two, then decided against a longer stroll and came hurtling back into the kitchen leaving wet paw prints all over the floor. He was obviously exhausted by his excursion and is now safely snuggled back in bed, drying his fur on the duvet.

Still, we are brightening the place up with lots of colourful flowers and plants- well I am at least. Currently on the windowsill I have my Christmas Cactus about to flower again, my gorgeous and fantastically vibrant Cyclamen, a new (hopefully purple) Hyacinth, Dad's very leggy Narcissus and our trusty pink Orchid.

I just love the pretty frills at the edges of the Cyclamen petals. An added touch of frivolity.

On the kitchen table we have my bright red pot of Poinsettias, and a newly purchased double bunch vase of Daffodils. I love Daffodil season- such happy flowers!

I have been very busy stitching lately. My poor applecore quilt has had to be put on hold whilst I make my ATCs before the deadline. It's one of the things I like about the ATC group, having relaxed deadlines. That way you don't put these things off for ever and ever, you have to do it (and you have to enjoy it!) but you are kind of setting these goals for yourself. Plus you then get a reward at the end of it with the gorgeous cards made by talented people.

These two cards are for the second month of my set swap, 12 Days of Christmas. We are making one or two a month, each time taking inspiration from the lyrics of the Christmas rhyme. This way we will have a complete song set in time for Christmas 2015. So for the second month we are onto Turtle Doves!

I wanted my doves to stand out so have outlined them with metallic blue and gold threads.

Whilst I am on an ATC roll, I have also made a start on some Winter themed cards. I need to make another one to bring this set up to three, but am so thrilled with these two that I can't wait to share them with you. I have kind of gone for a Wintry garden theme, with some hardy flowers in fields of snow, with glittery snowflakes softly falling from the sky.

I have used several stitches in these, back stitch, whip stitch, long stitch, star stitch, french knots and bullion knots.

I might have to make a fourth one I like these so much!

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