Friday, 20 February 2015

Blue Winter

I had been feeling a bit blue with all of this rain we have been having but the sight of my 'Blues' postcard returns has cheered me up no end!

(By Pat)

Isn't the top one lovely? Such gorgeous rows of patterned cottons- very regular striping too, most impressive!

 (By Wendy)

This one from Wendy is absolutely amazing! So textural- the photos (hudl camera) don't do it justice, there is actually quite a bit of turquoise/green in there and lots of sparkly iridescent fabrics all trapped under a thin layer of organza. So beautiful.

 (By Carol)

Some beautifully subtle block printing going on in this postcard, and I love the painted lace leaves- a technique I have used myself on many occasions.

 (By Wendy)

Not only did I have the postcards in the parcel but also my 'Winter Scene' ATCs. Super exciting!! Not many people joined in this swap it turns out as I got one of my own back- not that I mind that much as I rarely keep my own work and it is nice to pretend you haven't seen something before and admire it all over again.

 (By Annie)

I really like that the two other cards I received kind of follow the same themes within a theme but have been approached so differently. The scenes are actually quite similar but they are beautiful in their own ways.

They all work so nicely together as a collection.

The kitchen is surrounded with flowers at the moment. We are feeling super springlike and bringing the garden in (sort of) with big bunches of flowers.

The Irises are on the turn now so I will have to look out for a new bunch of beautifuls to replace them.

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