Monday, 2 February 2015

Colourful Daffs

POW!!! Aren't they glorious? I absolutely love daffodils. They are just so happy, especially in the sunshine. I took them into the living room on Sunday so that they could enjoy the sunshine and I could enjoy looking at them in the sunshine. It was a very content and peaceful afternoon.

Even when you take the bright colours out of the image, they still look very delicate and ethereal. There is just something about light through petals, don't you think?

Yes, so Sunday was spent catching up on all of the programs missed during the week (iPlayer is a wonderful thing) and continuing to tack my fabrics to my applecore shapes.

I only have a limited amount of pre-cut paper shapes so I have to start sewing some of these together to get a few of the templates out to stitch more fabrics too.

I have been doing this at work and, as usual, on the bus. Sewing four 'cores' together to create a very groovy edged square.

I seem to have settled into a rhythm, and do each one in exactly the same way. Such pleasing shapes.

Well, I say 'do each one in exactly the same way', there are two squares that I will have to unpick. Can you see why in the below photo?

It's a bit like with the hexagon blanket where I had to unpick some of my stitches. I didn't realise that you could sew the shapes a different way around (and of course no matter which way you turn it, it will not fit in!!). Still, better to learn that now!

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