Wednesday, 18 February 2015


It was lovely walking to the bus stop yesterday morning (well,as lovely as it can be at quarter to seven) because for the fist time in a long while, I could see where I was going without the aid of streetlights! It has really been noticeable this week how much lighter the mornings are now. On Monday the street lamps were turning off as I stood at the bus stop (a friend asked me if I pretended to be Dumbledore with his light absorbing clicker thing...Harry Potter jokes!) and yesterday they weren't on at all. Spring is coming!! Yay!!

All of the potted flowers on the windowsill have gone bonkers and are flowering left right and centre. The Hyacinth's scent is so powerful it can be smelt all round the house!!

And I have finished the third instalment of the 12 Days of Christmas swap- Three French Hens! I think the nice thing about doing this in un-Christmassy times is that you then get a much wider variety. If we were to make these whilst feeling festive and surrounded by the colours of the Christmas season, they would be so different, I think anyway. Say bonjour ladies.

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