Sunday, 22 March 2015

March ATCs

Hello my Lovelies!! And a very good evening to you all. I have had a very calming Sunday, finishing off some ATCs, cracking on with some crochet and happily peeling off wallpaper from the upstairs landing (part of the redecoration of the bathroom).
Do you like my little tweeting birds? They are 'calling' actually, although I'm not sure what for. These are the fourth instalment of the 12 Days of Christmas swap: 'On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, four calling birds...' The photos are terrible, I'm very sorry, the lighting is all over the place but I did my best in the shadowy kitchen lights.

I seem to have developed a theme in my 12 Days cards, all of them so far have been created out of little felt pieces, intricately stitched together and embellished with tiny stitches. It appears to be my thing now and I enjoy the challenge of composing colours and layers of felt very much.

I think the leaves are my favourite, they really are miniature!

A couple of days ago, just after completing my Spring Green Postcards, I made these Blue and Copper ATCs. I have used this colour theme before, but for a swap entitled 'Made With Metal'. Tee hee, from reading the blurb in that post, they were a bit of a mission to make!
It is a beautiful colour combination though and these ones just flew together, almost making themselves!

The fabric I used for the copper part was cut from sections of old curtain material I have in my stash, you can sort of tell in the photos that it has an iridescent quality, and a metallic-ness to it as the colours change from copper to orange to deep red.

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