Wednesday, 4 March 2015


We are re-decorating, and taking Spring cleaning to a whole new level. The bathroom is to be redone, the attic, the hallway, the kitchen, the old kitchen... and then where do you stop? At the moment we are living amongst madness. The attic is being done first and as such has been slowly emptied. The majority has gone to the tip or been recycled or given to a charity shop, the rest is in boxes all over the house until it can be put back up again. I'm not quite sure what the cats think of it, but Ziggy has adopted this duvet which is waiting to be vacuum-packed and banished into the attic. He spends most of the day here, as well as a lot of the night, snuggled into a little hollow and making little feline snores.

It has been a rather glorious day today! There was beautiful weather this morning and although it clouded over slightly in the afternoon, it was rather mild and warm when the wind died down a bit.

I started a new project. This one doesn't really have any aim or goal in mind, I just had a sudden hankering to do some crochet and started on the easiest thing I could think of-- granny squares.

After doing some granny squares, I decided to do some blocks of colour, an idea beginning to form in my mind. I have decided to treat whatever this will become in the same way I have been treating my quilt tops. Building a few bits, stitching them together to make larger bits, expanding my pile until they can all be stitched together into even larger bits and just keep going until I get bored.

It's really portable as I'm using up small odds and ends and can pack a couple of colours into my bag to take to work and do on the bus on my way home. Currently they don't look like very much, just curly scraps with dangly ends. Hopefully it will all come together into something beautiful eventually.

There are signs of Spring all around the garden. Lots of trees covered in catkins!

And in our front garden we have lots and lots of snowdrops and crocuses. So pretty!

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