Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Vintage Superheroes

You may remember, back in September last year, that I showed you a tantalising photo of the back of some commissioned cushions that I had made (see here). I couldn't completely show them to you at the time as they were to be presents for someone and we couldn't risk them seeing before the cushions were gifted. It has taken a while but they have now been gifted away and I can show you the whole thing!

The commission was from a friend called Lucy, who had found a vintage superhero pillow case that she thought her other half would love! Thinking it would be a bit random just to give him one old pillowcase, she sent it to me to make into a cushion or two.
Having looked at the pattern and unpicked the case, I decided that I had to keep the pillow shape as the design went all the way up to the edges. The design was the same on the back and the front which meant I could make two identical cushions, the only difference being that I would use a different coloured fabric for the back.

The back was made out of a beautiful brushed cotton, which handily came in both the red and blue I was trying to match with colours used on the superhero costumes. Because the pillow fabric was so thin, when stitching everything together, I layered the original fabric over some calico to give it more stability, and matched the thread to the pillow fabric rather than the backing fabric.
Thinking of how much I enjoyed experimenting with cushions in my final degree project, I also gave these ones oxford edges as part of the design feature, and did a vertical envelope opening.

Apparently Lucy's other half loved them which is fantastic news!

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