Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Easter Monday

Yesterday the weather was so beautiful that after lunch we donned suitable walking gear, packed little pots of tea, coffee, sugar and cake, filled up thermoses, dragged the picnic chairs from the attic and set off towards Ashdown Forest for an afternoon walk.

The gorse bushes are in full flower and looked incredible! Such a beautiful bright yellow against the (still) brown landscape.

It was quite busy in the car parks and picnic areas but soon we had walked far enough away that we were the only people rummaging through the trees. They seem to be doing a little spring cleaning of the woodland areas and there were some huge piles of neatly chopped Silver Birch logs.

We walked down and down into a little valley- and then of course remembered that we then would have to walk ALL the way back up again! There was a fab little red/brown stream meandering along the bottom of the valley. It is that colour because of the iron rich soil around here.

On our way back up to the top we passed the Airman's Grave, a memorial site built to remember the crew of a WWII British plane that crash-landed on the forest after being forced to turn back from the fight during bad weather.

At one point we ran out of flat pathway and foolishly decided to force our way through the gorse and heather rather than turn back and go the way we had come. It was very prickly!!

Eventually, with bits of spiky gorse bush sticking out of our jeans (and bottoms!) and clinging on to our cardies, we reached the car, more than ready for a sit down and a cuppa. Accompanied by some cake of course!

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