Saturday, 11 April 2015


Hello! What a glorious few days we have been blessed with. Today has been especially nice (being a day off) popping in and out of the garden, Dad has been to the garden centres four times - so far- as he builds walls and new flowerbeds, and the doors and windows are all open, blowing away the cobwebs of Winter. Long may this weather continue!

I have nearly finished my impromptu crochet blanket with its riot of colours. I haven't used up as many oddments of wool balls as I hoped to as I kept discovering more in various stashes around the house. I won't have to buy wool for yEaRs!!! Lots of the balls haven't even been started either so they really will keep me going.

Currently I am working on the edging. Here again it is a sort of 'do what you fancy next' type of affair. I am alternating two rows of colour- one as a triple stitch and one as a double- with two rows of triple stitch white.

(My very seasonal socks)

So here I have used the bright blue in a triple stitch, yellow in a double, two rows of triple white and then a triple of the bright pink. Next up will be a double stitch in dark blue followed by two or three triple whites to finish and that will be it! Done and dusted.

I have loved making this blanket, it was a real 'on the go' project as squares were done on the bus, at work, at home, other people's homes etc. It has been relatively quick to make too as I kept everything quite simple, and there has been no right or wrong way with colour. Sometimes the squares really zing together and sometimes the colours clash slightly but as I added more colours and toned it down with the white I think it has really worked. It has turned out a lot bigger than I thought it would as well which was a surprise. Luckily the evenings are still cool enough to need a comforting blanket so I can get some use out of it before the weather turns really hot!

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