Saturday, 18 April 2015

Harriet & Hamilton Go To NYC

Harriet and Hamilton, our regular little jet-setting travel hamsters, have just got back from New York!! By all accounts they, and Amy, and Amy's Mum and Dad, had a fantastic time over there with loads of great sights (and great food by the looks of things!). Amy has very kindly sent me a few photos of their travels with a couple of explanations as to where they went so over to Amy!

We begin with the top photo, enjoying breakfast at the airport before take off, then onto snacks on the plane- Fab lollies and Lindt bunnies!

 Then we move onto the sights!! (Photos from the top of the Empire State building, and in Times Square.)

On the river cruise, both hamsters wish they could move their arms to hold their own torch aloft like Lady Liberty.

We then enjoyed the sight of the Brooklyn Bridge...

Before heading back to Times Square. (All lit up like an endless Christmas tree!)

Then we went up the Empire State building again to take in the view at night. The bright clump of buildings you can see is Times Square from above.

The next day we popped out for a bit of shopping at the worlds largest store- Macy's- the hamsters taking after their creator!

This place with all of the flags is the Rockafeller centre, the white bit behind is an ice rink- but we didn't have time to put our mini skates on.

And finally we pay our hamster respects at the 9/11 memorial- a very moving place.

So all in all, it looks like it was an action packed holiday!! Great photos from Harriet and Hamilton, and thank you to Amy for sending them to me.

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