Sunday, 19 April 2015

Leicester Visit:: Part One

It has been a brilliant weeks holiday for me, and I am quite sad to be on my last day off. The weather has been amazing, I have thoroughly enjoyed lazing around, being with family, celebrating birthdays, visiting places, being in the outdoors, sunning myself in the front garden with my crochet, and of course, popping up to Leicester to visit two of my university friends- Lucy and Reuben.
I took the coach up there as it is far more relaxing for me to just sit on a coach than to have the frantic train changes, even though it takes about four hours longer! When I finally got to Leicester I had an hour or so before meeting up with Lucy so wandered off to Abbey Park, one of my favourite places in the city.

I have been there many times before, and you lovely readers will probably know what it looks like from all of the photos I have uploaded onto here, but parts of it are so pretty that  I just can't help myself from taking more. Especially when there are babies! It was a bit early for there to be little birds running around (click here and here to see previous posts with the fluffballs from a couple of years ago) but still plenty of blossom and wildlife to photograph.

There were loads of blossom trees, all different types, which smelt and looked amazing. The wind was blowing quite strongly so petals were floating down from the branches like snow.

The weather was a bit shabby to start with, especially as it had been so nice when leaving home in the morning. It was overcast, windy and cold, although eventually the sun popped out and it warmed up a bit- it does make some photos look quite dull.

There were lots of different types of Geese all chattering away to each other. Some kind person had been along earlier with some grains for the birds and my bench was surrounded by all sorts of water fowl snapping up the treats.

Except a Swan who completely lost his head!

Across the park from the pond is the river, and in the above photo you can just about see the ruins of Cavendish Park.

The reflections in the water were stunning.

It was really nice to go back and see it all again. I think I will be revisiting it often through my photos and blog documentaries about it. Come back and see me again tomorrow for the second day of my Leicester visit!

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