Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Leicester Visit:: Part Three

Welcome to the third and final day of my Leicester visit. One of the reasons for going up there was to see the new house and also to say hello to their kittens! The little lady above is called Bee, and she actually lived at Sweetbriar with us for a time, although was much smaller and less fluffy then. She has grown so much and is a beautiful young cat now with super long whiskers!!

Her little friend is called Electra and is at that great kitten age of being super brave and attacking everything that moves....as well as everything that doesn't. They are great fun to play with, although were really hard to take photos of as they didn't often stay still long enough.

After a lazy morning in bed playing with the cats (the shark game is great, lots of attacking my hand under the duvet), we decided to go out for brunch as there wasn't really enough time to get stuck into anything touristy, my coach home being at 3.30pm.
I have to say, it was one of the best brunches ever!! A highly impressive big English breakfast, in the sunshine, with a huge mug of coffee and good conversation- what could be nicer?

One of the fabric shops nearby had yarn bombed some posts outside their shop. They looked fab, although the tree didn't stay upright for long...

We wandered round a nearby park (a park a day!) and had a look at the hugely impressive war memorial which had the most incredible view over Leicester.

Until finally it was time to say goodbye and get back on the coach for the long journey home. It was such a fantastic end to the holiday, revisiting old haunts and finding new parts of Leicester I had never been to before. Spending time with old friends and making new (small, furry) ones. It's their turn to come and visit me next so I shall look forwards to that!

I actually have to get two coaches up to Leicester as there isn't a direct one, and we have to go via London where I could see the sun going down over the Thames whilst settling back in my posh leather chair and working on a couple more crochet squares for my commissioned blanket.
Back at home, I have laid out all of the squares done on the coach (there are loads!) and will let you know more about it next time. Thanks for joining me in my trip up to Leicester. Ciao for now!

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