Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Rainbow Crochet

Hello!! I have really gone to town with a rainbow theme for my commissioned blanket. I hadn't started out thinking that it should kind of be a rainbow, but after the photo shoot I did last week with the block squares all pleasingly laid out in colour formation, a little bubble of an idea started forming, leading to a great Pinterest expedition which has resulted in a rainbow. Crochet blanket style.

There are obviously lots of squares I still have to make, and I would like to include some more variations of crochet blocks, maybe a solid double crochet block or even a striped double crochet block. The friend who I am making this for said that she really liked my pink patchwork blanket so I am taking inspiration from that as well.

Currently I think I need to find another green (although not lime) to put between the dark green and the yellow, everything else kind of flows colour wise but that bit needs something in my opinion.

But the basic premise is there and I am thrilled with how it is looking!!

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