Monday, 25 May 2015

ATCs And Postcards

I took a break from crocheting this weekend and focused on getting this month's ATCs and postcards finished instead. We are now on month six of the 12 Days of Christmas swap- halfway through, I can hardly believe it!

I created two little Geese for my 6 Geese A Laying cards. It would be a little difficult to make six geese per card out of felt so I stuck to just the one. Cheeky little ladies aren't they? The eggs are made from a textured, sparkly card to give them a super special look (I think they are supposed to be gold(?) but I didn't have any gold paper to hand so sparkly cream it was!).

I also finished off the 'Really Flowery' ATCs. For these I didn't want to go with the usual flowers so tried to make them a little bit different and mix things up a tad. It's more a representation of flowers than actual ones.

I just love the variations of texture in these little cards.

I have also finished off a couple of postcards which had the very vague theme of 'Four Inchies In a Postcard'. Basically a do-what-you-feel-like swap which is always brilliant!! I tend to make and keep batches of inchies every now and then, especially if I work up a background on the sewing machine and have a bit left over. They are only big enough to put a button or a couple of stitches on but they can look so pretty. These inchies are from August 2013 and I made up the background of the postcard to match. I have used lots of different textures in this though, some doubled up tissue paper, felt, and also some yellow vinyl left over from a university project. I can't wait to see what the other ladies come up with!

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