Tuesday, 5 May 2015


My Amaryllis STILL hasn't flowered!! The flower stem has just been growing and growing, up and up, and is now about a metre high from the bulb. Recently it is looking more and more like it is just about to explode into bloom but still I am waiting for the flower display. Hurry up Amaryllis!!

At the weekend my friend Vicky and I went to the Weald of Kent Craft fair at Penshurst Place. It is a really lovely fair, lots of regular stall holders as well as newbies. I have completely fallen in love with the work of Sheila Gill. She is my new favourite painter and I didn't even think twice when I saw her 'A Moo or Two' painting, it had to be mine!!! (Or a print of it did at least.) How cheeky they are. Do hop on over to her website and have a drool, she has put her prints onto all sorts of products which would make fabulous Christmas presents...or birthday presents...or just presents...

I also came home with a very small friend called Bernard. He is rather cute and keeps my cows company.

The other thing that is growing is my rainbow blanket. Although, in my usual fashion, there is a part I have to unpick and re-crochet. Always happens. Can you see where the pattern goes wrong?

How about if I zoom in slightly? Pay particular attention to the stripey pieces. Starting from the light pink row and working upwards the stripes move down one towards the left each time...except in the yellow stripe where it moves up!!! Tsk, this is what I get for crocheting when I'm tired and not concentrating. Luckily my current method of joining means that it is really simple to snip the squares apart without taking the squares apart and then I can just crochet them back together again.

I found the most gorgeous tulips the other day as well. I don't know what species or breed or type they are but they remind me a little of dragons with the yellow/red/green parts and the little spikey bits. I love them very much!

We have been having very interchangeable weather today. It's either beautifully sunny, blowing a gale or pouring with rain!! This was one of the last spots in the garden that had a little ray of sunshine. I thought it made the little jungle at the bottom of the garden look really lovely.

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