Sunday, 28 June 2015

Block Colours

I have been inspired. INSPIRED my friends!!! As I mentioned in my last post, the BHB ta-daah, an idea has been brewing in the back of my creative mind for a little while, involving a set amount of colours, specially chosen and with planned placement within the project.

I popped into town yesterday to our local craft shop and spent a little while playing with the wools, putting together different arrangements, deciding against a certain colour and picking another one instead. Above are the colours I have chosen from the double knit Special Stylecraft range- they have such a magnificent range of colours and really are my favourite brand of acrylic wool. They are soft to the touch unlike other brands which I have often found to be slightly coarser and more fluffy in texture. Stylecraft tend to be soft and smooth straight from the start whereas others take a little while to soften down. (This is just my opinion and I still love to mix and match brands.)

This image on Pinterest really clinched my idea. The link to this leads to a site called Ravelry which has all sorts of inspirations and pattens on it. The link to the free Hex Scrap Afghan pattern can be found here.
So, if you haven't already guessed, I am going to try a blanket with block colour hexagons! I have tried block colours for the traditional granny squares but never for hexagons and I am really quite excited about it. Naturally I have jumped straight into production and am well on my way. I have decided to stick to my tried and tested pattern, the same one used in all of my other hexagon blankets, but to add a couple more rounds than I would usually to make these shapes the size of a tea plate.

They are a little bit crumpled looking so I might have to try my hand at some blocking to make a really nice even shape but so far so good. I might even like this pattern more when in one colour  rather than in lots of colours! You can really see the shapes and stitch patterns this way rather than be distracted by all of the different colours.

And of course, the best way to make a blanket is outside in the garden with a small companion to keep you company- until it starts raining that is!

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