Thursday, 11 June 2015

Evening Colours

I've said many times before, but this house is full of colours. Rainbows everywhere. I have been rapidly joining together my hexagons and have only four little shapes left.

The blanket is more of a square shape now, although I am going to add several more rows to make it more rectangular, plus I am going to crochet some half hexagons so that the edges are straight along the longer lengths.

This blanket is brilliant at using up odd ends of wool, I have finished off several balls now which was the main idea, hopefully I will have enough variety of colours left to finish off the last few bits.

It has been such a gorgeous day today. Warm and breezy. My strawberry plant is loving it and has masses of ripening fruit- you have to be quick to beat the bugs though.


The Clematis is starting to flower, we have a couple of really fantastic plants, with huge flowers on them. A big purple one in the back garden and a white one in the front.

Dad's new Lavender bed is looking spectacular. He was gifted a couple of French Lavenders to add to his collection and it is just a haze of purple. The bees love it too.

There is something so special about the evening sunshine and the way it hits the petals at an angle, almost making them glow. This Poppy especially really lit up. So beautiful. Colour, colour, everywhere!

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