Monday, 29 June 2015

Inchie Postcards

I am coming on in leaps and bounds with my new hexagon blanket. I have now made at least two squares in each colour- some of them look a little similar in the photo but they aren't in real life believe me- and am loving how they work together.

(To flower or not to flower, that is the question?) I am debating on whether or not to have a kind of colour tone thing happening, a dark to light thing or just a careful spacing of colours thing. Lots to be thinking about whilst these fly off of the hook!

But, today is not about crochet, 'tis about postcards!! With inchies on!

This gorgeous piece of artwork is by the talented Annie. The textures in this you would not believe. Some kind of felted (probably by hand) background with tiny delicate machine zig zag stitches, encircling four squares made from some kind of textured and painted fabric/card/clay, on which sit four miniature little beads and an embossed clay pebble (for want of a better word). It is really lovely and a new treasure for my collection.

Then we come to Wendy's very fresh looking piece, with lots of layers in it itself. A layer of striped fabric briskly brushed with gold paint is slightly hidden behind a layer of green organza, heated in places to melt and remove it to show the layer underneath. The inchies are more layers of the green organza with playful machine stitches over the top. Another treasure to add to my album!

A fantastic swap with some brilliant results from the ladies- such gorgeous post to receive on such a lovely day!

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