Monday, 22 June 2015

Seven Swans A Swimming

I wanted to share with you yesterday's stitchery- my Seven Swans A Swimming ATCs. (The six other swans have just swum out of the picture, but I managed to capture the seventh!)

I had great fun with bondaweb on this project. It really is a brilliant invention, iron on the paper side, peel it off, layer fabrics and papers on top of it and then iron it down. Brilliant!! No stitching at all and a fab way of making a quick background. I have layered up some paper and fabric scraps that give a watery impression, then stitched a multi-layered swan on top to hold it.

I thought it needed some greenery so added some paper and bead foliage.

Overall, I think they are rather handsome. I hope that the recipient of this card likes it.

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