Sunday, 26 July 2015

Evening BBQ

To finish up our social engagements of yesterday, we had a BBQ at the house of my Godfather and his family. We don't see them very often and it was a real treat (especially as they are brilliant cooks!).

He is another garden person who has a fascinating array of plants, and a huge beautiful pond full of very pretty fish with wafty silky looking tails.

They also have two gorgous cats, Bubbles and Poppy. Bubbles is pictured above and has a proper little barrel tummy- she's a bit of a greedy pig.

There's a lovely little water feature that runs down to the pond, that my godfather made himself. It is simply a little mosaic channel which has a constant stream of running water pumped up from the pond that trickles downwards and makes the prettiest waterfall noise.

The rest of his garden is just as pretty, as you can see from the photos!! I don't know the names of most of the flowers but they are all beautiful, and these are just a selection!!

You can see how the channel water feature works a little better in this photo- it makes for a very peaceful area of the garden.

Poppy adopted my brother's bag as a bathing area. She didn't like to be disturbed much, that tail obviously needs lots of dedicated cleaning!
I didn't get a chance to photograph the food at the BBQ- but there was lots of it, pork, chicken, sausages, burgers.... It was a lovely way to round off the day.

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