Saturday, 4 July 2015

Fourth Of July

Happy Fourth of July!!! I hope all of my American followers have had a fantastic day and celebrated in style. I have had a rather sedate day of crochet in front of the Grandmother's TV- watching Murray win the tennis (Go Murray!!). We had a tapas style lunch on the patio in the sunshine and have just been generally rather relaxed with a definite weekend feel.

Us southern Brits have been experiencing some fantastic weather these last few weeks. Glorious sunshine and heat (oh my goodness some days have been so hot!!), interspersed with some brilliant displays of lightening and thunder in the evenings. It hasn't been so great on the bus home from work though, very busy with people coming from/going to the seafront which just makes it a very sweaty experience on the whole. I have only been crocheting in the mornings on the bus (when it's cooler and quieter) and can just fit in two hexagons in one journey so things have been progressing a bit slowly for me.

I have been working colours in twos so that I don't get bored of one particular colour and am just aiming on getting six of each colour at the moment. Currently I have 54 hexagons all stacked up together and when laid out they are starting to look fabulously blankety.

I am still umming and aahhing over what pattern to stitch them in to. Do I go with the random, even-ish spacing like above? Do I just close my eyes and throw them into the air and see where they land? (I may do that anyway, sounds like fun.)

Perhaps as I have been working in twos I should keep them in pairs and stitch pairs of colours next to each other? But then do I work them in a kind of defined brick pattern or do I alternate the direction of the pairs? Oh so much to think about!!!

Luckily I have plenty of time to work out the kinks, especially as I have the whole of next week off work (yippeee!!) and there is more glorious weather forecast.

I could almost pretend that I was on holiday in Spain or somewhere. Simply bliss.

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