Saturday, 18 July 2015

Good Day

Hello!! Happy Saturday to you all! I have been a busy little bee today, so busy in fact it will stretch over two blog posts (my morning adventures will appear tomorrow). This afternoon has involved some flower appreciation, and some quick kit stitching.

My Hydrangeas are looking really lovely at the moment. The blue one is on it's way out of the flowering season and the petals have turned from that bright blue to a dull purple, but it looks really nice with the pink Hydrangea which just gets better each year.

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous today. Really warm and sunny but with a nice breeze. Dad pointed out that one of our bee boxes in the garden is starting to fill up with little guests. I think it's fascinating how they use little circles of leaves to close up the holes and make doorways. Enjoy your stay chaps!

During the week I found myself buying the latest Mollie Makes magazine. When it first started I was a regular monthly buyer but then found I was getting less and less interested in the projects they were including so now only buy it when something inside entices me to. This month it was that amigurumi hamburger, how cute is that!!?? And you should see the little crocheted onion rings, really sweet.

I also really liked the free kit that came with this month's issue and this afternoon decided that I would have a crack at it.

Naturally, as it's me, I haven't done it in exactly the same way as the instructions or original pattern say to. And actually, I found that there wasn't enough fabric space to include the half sun felt piece so had to go my own way anyway.

It didn't take me very long, but I am really chuffed with it!!

The original instructions said to glue on the letters, but I decided to stitch them down instead. This then meant that I couldn't follow their instruction to work with the right sides together then stitch up the sides and turn through. I instead had to iron under the edges to make them neat and machine through both layers. I think I prefer it more this way anyway, it gives a nice border to the hanging.

Rather than use the little bit of black embroidery thread provided, I wanted to make something a bit prettier and made my own cord/braid with the embroidery threads I used to stitch down the felt. It was a really simple knotting technique that has worked really nicely. I thought you may be interested to know how I did it in case you get your own impromptu project so snapped a few photos whilst I did it.

1:: Knot your two threads together and pin to a surface to keep them secure.
2:: Make a backwards 4 shape with the right hand thread (green), crossing over the top of the second thread (pink).

3:: Bring this under the second thread and pull it through the loop created.

4:: Tighten the thread all the way to the top.

5:: Alternate with the second thread, crossing this in a proper 4 shape over the first thread, then work your way backwards and forwards, working each colour thread evenly (unless you want to change the pattern slightly).

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