Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Block Hexagon Ta-Daah!!


I have finished it!!

The block hexagon crochet blanket is now officially finished. The crochet hook has been put down and the snuggle time has commenced. This blanket has a complete life of its own. It was never going to lie flat, even the centre blocks have peaks and dips where the shapes have been crocheted together, so the edging had to follow suit.

As such, I didn't really think too much about how I was going to do the edging, shape wise. In the inner points, I reduced stitches which gradually formed a little point all on their own. I really love the colours in the edging though. It is almost rainbow-esque and shows, I think anyway, how the colours work together. I had my doubts after some comments from the family on the choice of colour blend, but the granny style edging has clinched the whole thing for me. These colours- I love!!

The back of the blanket sort of has a honeycomb effect to it which I think is great. It is so light and airy in appearance, but actually is quite heavy and drapes comfortingly around your lap, promising to keep you warm no matter what the weather. I am very prepared for the coming autumnal chill.

I think the most interesting thing for me about this blanket is the shapes. There are so many directions in it, lots of angles and lines going in different directions. Rather than just a plain hexagon with repeat hexagonal shapes, having two hexagons joined together creating a sort of monkey nut shape, then arranging them in alternate directions, and crocheting in zig zags creates the most amazing play on shape and line. Love Love Love this blanket!

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