Thursday, 20 August 2015

Late Night Glazy Daisy

On Wednesday night I went to one of my absolute favourite haunts- Glazy Daisy. I have painted quite a lot of things here now, several plates (my elephant plate, the first mosaic plate, the second mosaic plate, the dragonfly bowl, the seed pod plate, a spotty bowl, and my very first painting endeavour was a decorative dolphin. Added to my little collection I now have a lovely stripey vase!!

 I am very excited to see this all glazed and fired and beautiful. They always look really lovely when just painted and all pale and pastelly, but the real excitement comes in the unwrapping of the item when it is finished and seeing how the colours have turned out.

 There was a lot of concentration and tongues poking out as colours were considered and put back, sponges were examined and motif positions were drawn painstakingly on. You can actually draw on the plates or whatever you are painting with pen, which then disappears during the glazing and firing process (so the green marks on my vase won't be there when it's finished).

 There is so much choice of things to paint, it takes about half an hour just to decide what you want to do (and write the list of things you want to come back for). They have painted tiles to help you decide the colours to use and what they will look like when glazed. You do have to put on several layers for a deeper, more even coverage, although Jenny, the owner of the company, does commissions and uses the paints almost like watercolours- blending them together and layering different colours. (She's very clever and talented.)

Lots of happy faces!!! Can't wait to go back. You can also check out the Glazy Daisy Facebook page to see what they are up to on a daily basis.

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