Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Leaping Lords & Piping Pipers

Two month's worth of ATCs in two days!!! I like it. I am being very organised this month and have already made October's 12 Days of Christmas ATCs as I foresee next month being very busy (lots of birthdays and secret projects for friends to be made.)
First up is this month's offering, '10 Lords A Leaping'. I decided to go with a different technique (sort of) this time, as I felt that the pieces were too small for felt which has been what I previously used; instead choosing to just do the stitching side of it, making it more exciting and textural by adding a layer of batting to the underside of the fabrics so it has a quilted appearance.

I think my Lords look rather dashing in their tunics, pantaloons flapping gaily as they leap around.

The eleventh day of Christmas is of course 'Pipers Piping'. As I had enjoyed making the leaping Lords with the stitching and quilting technique, I thought I would have another go for the Pipers. I don't think this is as successful as the Lords, maybe because there are more lines of stitching to take in or the background colours, I don't know. But I am still quite pleased with them and of course they have the added bonus of beading. One for his feathered cap, three for his pipe, a row of sparklers to edge his cape and four to jingle on the end of his shirt.

Only one left to go then I will have a full set!

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