Sunday, 20 September 2015

Little Loom Weaving

I love crafting magazines. They are totally addictive, highly inspirational, beautifully colourful and usually very informative. I don't tend to get regular magazines anymore, but will regularly pop in to a newsagents and see whats on offer. If I like the cover (or free gift) then I will buy it and wait for a leisurely moment to lose myself in its glossy pages.

The other day I was inspired to buy two magazines- Today's Quilter, because of the added bonus of the Kaffe Fassett extra magazine, and Mollie Makes. I feel very justified in the quilting magazines, just look at this page in particular...

...Now that is the most amazing tent/summer house/shed I think I have ever seen. Wouldn't you love to snuggle up in there surrounded by the colour and imagination of Kaffe Fassett? I totally would.

The Mollie Makes magazine was bought because of it's little free gift of a weaving loom and colourful yarns. I haven't done weaving since the construct roundabout at university and for some reason, this simple little idea really appealed to me.

You are shown a couple of techniques to start you off, the fringing the weaving and the shaping, and then you are left to your own devices to work out your own pattern. Little things I learnt at university crept in as well, like the holes in the weave and a different weave pattern which you can kind of see above the purple line of fringe.

I really enjoyed this slow start to the morning, coffee in one hand and giant pink plastic needle in the other, weaving away for a couple of hours.

Getting it off the loom didn't work very well for me though. I think I must have done something differently to how it was suggested or didn't weave close enough to the top of the loom, so just ignore that line of misbehaving wool at the top. Very naughty indeed.

It has been a beautiful day all round today. Glorious sunshine- the cat was happy (life is always so much nicer, and quieter, when this particular cat is happy) and sleeping in the flowerbed.

And this afternoon we popped in to our local supermarket for a weekend shop and I spotted these amazing purple Gladioli! Aren't they lovely? Really bright and beautiful, with an almost silky velvety texture to the petals. Hopefully they will last for a long time.

Hope you have all had lovely weekends!

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