Saturday, 26 September 2015


I put out a table to take photos of things in the sunshine earlier and a certain Mr Ziggy decided that I had put it for him to lounge on!!! Cheeky so and so.

So, working around my feline friend I would like to show you the finished and glazed vase that I painted several weeks ago at Glazy Daisy! It was kindly picked up from there for me by a friend and we hadn't had a chance to meet up since so I was really pleased to see it!!

I love the colours in this- so bright and colourful. It is actually quite textured as well because there are dribbles in the glazing, all making me very happy indeed.

It's like a slowly melting candle in appearance, I can't wait to choose some flowers to go into it.

 (By Wendy)

And I have had the returns from the Purple Postcard and Purple ATCs swap!!! They are very pretty although it appears not a lot of people joined in as I have had one of my own ATCs back again.

 (By Pat)

 (By Annie)

 (By Wendy)

I think they make a really fantastic collection together though!

It has been a really lovely day here today. The sun has shone and the last few flowers have glowed in the warmth. I have started a new project which I can't talk about too much as it is a surprise for a friend but as always I will let you know as soon as I can.

And we end the day with the most amazing moon!!! Huge and brilliant in the night's sky.

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