Wednesday, 9 September 2015


We are really starting to feel the beginning of the seasonal turn here in England. The mornings are currently tinged with red as the sun peeps over the horizon at the same time as I get up for work. I am still managing to make it home in the light but as the daytime fades faster and faster it won't be long before I have to get my torch out for the walk home from the bus stop.

I am very excited to see the first ever (and currently only) lantern on my Chinese Lantern plants. These are now two years old but nothing happened in the first year at all and we have had a few flowers this time around but I wasn't expecting much from it- very pleased to see this little lantern and can't wait for it to turn that lovely shade of orange!!

The garden is still bright with flowers, they are hanging on until the first frost I think and the Gladioli still have a way to go. I love how they are like fireworks, flowering from the bottom of the stem upwards in a blaze of colour!!

And the Nasturtiums, which have been happily flowering away in the front garden, have taken off in a race across the steps, yellow versus red!! The caterpillars are loving the leaves, it's a good thing they grow quickly (both caterpillars and Nasturtiums).

As it begins to get chilly in the evenings, I have set myself the task of stitching on all of those badges that I spent ages pinning several weeks ago. I now have even more to add to this blanket from the Knaresborough holiday so plenty to keep me occupied and warm at the same time.

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