Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Upcycled Jeans Quilt

I had a lovely relaxing Sunday afternoon being creative. I had cleared out some of my clothes a few days before and found three pairs of jeans that I had been hanging on to 'just in case', although there were lots of holes in them so I couldn't have worn them outside of the house. (The 'emergency jeans', do you have a pair?)

I decided that there was no point hanging on to them and I needed the space for other things, so after a little pootle around on the Internet, I found this on Pinterest which totally inspired me!

I cut up as much of the jeans as I could, leaving only the really hard seams, pockets and zips. The rest of the fabric was cut into two and a half inch strips ready for stitching together.

I used the same kind of technique as I did with the jelly roll quilt, joining them all together to make one long strip then halving and halving again. The only difference is that all of the strips were different lengths to start with and instead of making the joins at a diagonal, this time I made the joins straight like in the inspirational quilt.

After a couple of hours and a quick tea break I ended up with this!! (Sorry about the fuzziness, the camera didn't like the dark.)

I didn't take all of the seams out of the jeans, leaving the seam that would be on the outside edge of the leg. This is because I didn't want to lose all of the parts that make up the jeans and having the extra texture I thought would be nice. I really like how it shows the fabric was previously used for something else, it has a proper 'up-cycled' look to it.

The fabric is already really soft as they were much loved jeans. It has mottled the colours as well given it a well used, vintage look as the colours have faded where the knees went.

I have measured it up ready to take into work and play with more fabrics. I would quite like a boarder to go around the outside, and then there is the backing fabric to consider....lots to think about!! I really need to start finishing some of these quilts.

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