Saturday, 17 October 2015

Superhero Hams

Autumn is now in full swing here in England. The mornings are freezing cold and dark when I get up for work, the trees are putting on their golden colours and mushrooms are popping up everywhere.

Most of the colours left in the garden are reds, pinks and oranges, although they are slowly starting to fade away.

And entering in the Autumnal fun by collecting bright leaves, acorns and seed pods are my new little hamsters!!

It seems to be an October thing, making hamsters, as the last time I properly made a 'batch' of them (not including the Cannes holiday hamsters) was October 2011 when I tested out some pirate hammies, I've lost count of how many I have made now. But please, say hello to The Three Whiskerteers- Superhams Extraordinaire!!

Elvis felt a little left out so he asked if he could meet TTW's and join in with the photoshoot.

They were all getting along swimmingly well.

Uh oh, big scary cat, Ziggy, approacheth!!! How will the Superhammies react?

Blue Ham was very brave and withstood his ground until Ziggy got bored and trundled off. I think they will fit in well around here.

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