Sunday, 1 November 2015

All Hallows Autumn

Yesterday afternoon I popped in to town to have a quick nosey around the shops. Where do all of the Pumpkins go? The day before there were hundreds still in the supermarkets and yesterday there were none at all, not even empty boxes where they used to be. I wonder what happens to the leftover pumpkins? Anyway, I digress. Whilst wandering through the alleys and along the river to the town I indulged in my love of autumnal leaves against a bright blue sky. It has to be one of the best things about Autumn, looking up and seeing the brilliant contrast of bright oranges and acidic yellows against the crisp blue. I can't help but photograph it over and over again.

At home my Christmas Cactus has gone completely bonkers and is flowering left, right and centre. I really don't think it has had so many flowers on it before!!!

And a little present to myself from my shopping trip was this bunch of Autumnal looking flowers- complete with a cabbage!!! I probably shouldn't get so excited about having a cabbage in a floral display but I am.Very excited. The vase didn't look quite complete with the bought flowers on their own so I nipped into the garden and picked some pretty dried seed heads and some fading lavender. The purple and dried plants make it look more Halloweeny I think.

Aaah, got to love that cabbage!

The Mother just about finished her Bucilla Witches Brew Wreath. She's got a bit of a thing for Bucilla kits- I think it's the sequins- and we have lots of different wreaths around the house with even more in production!

Kit is very chuffed that he has made it onto one of her wreaths.

In the evening it was all relaxed and cosy. Candles were lit and the White Cat was cuddled up on the chair- legs neatly tucked together. I hope you all enjoyed a lovely Halloween!

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