Friday, 6 November 2015

Colourful ATCs

 (By Wendy)                                                    (By Annie)

I have had the most incredibly creative post through this week. All of my returns have come at once!! Above are the Green & Pink Postcards. I am very jealous of Wendy's sewing machine, she must have a very posh one with lots of pre-loaded stitches- she uses so many different kinds!!

Annie has also used quite a variety of embroidery stitches from a machine. I think I am more of a hand embroiderer but I really ought to get on the sewing machine and try some out of my own.

Also from Wendy & Annie were my Black, White & Red ATCs- I got one of my own back as well, we seem to be the only three participating in fabric only swaps. The beetle one is by Wendy, see the stitches again?

And this on is Annie's. I like how she's recycled some kind of leather tag or swatch, it adds a completely different texture to the card.

And finally, from the 12 Days of Christmas swap, Hazel has been working through her back log and sent me two cards that I was missing from my collection. She got a little muddled with the 'Seven' Swans a Swimming, and put six instead, but we are pretending that one little cygnet is hiding. Plus the card is so pretty I don't really mind how many swans there are on there.

She also sent me my Lords a Leaping card which is really clever!! All of the lords are on a circle that you can turn so it looks like they are leaping over the fence. (It's quite fun making them go backwards!)

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