Saturday, 21 November 2015

ExCel London

The Christmas lights were turned on in Tunbridge Wells this week. The town is so glittery and pretty now, I love it! I am feeling very festive, and have nearly finished my shopping.

That doesn't mean I feel the need to stop shopping, just in case I have missed something that someone would really love or need, and this morning Elvis and I found ourselves up at the crack of dawn waiting at the train station for a trip to London. The Mother had been sent complimentary tickets to go to the Simply Christmas and Simply Stitching, Sewing & Hobbycrafts shows at the ExCel Centre but she didn't want to go so we made other plans.

Elvis was very excited and I had to tell him several times to stop leaping around in the chairs. I eventually got him settled in the window watching the world go by (and the snow!!! Did you have snow?).

We weren't going alone, Elvis and I. Oh no we had invited lots of friends along, both human and Travel Hamster!!

Hello Harriet & Hamilton!! (And Amy & Mary for the human friends.)

The photos are a bit blurry because I was using my phone camera, but hopefully they won't hinder your enjoyment of the creativity. This fantastic Gingerbread House was inspired and created by Ann & Alison Murray. I've seen their work before, with a Spring House and an Under-The-Sea tunnel. They specialise in giant textile exhibits that are community based, you can read all about it here.

Isn't it clever? All these little components, hand crafted and lovingly made. The details are incredible.

The inside is just as amazing. The flames in the fire place are needle felted, and there is even a knitted box of matches on the mantle.

They were also exhibiting the first project these ladies came up with in 2005, a 30ft high knitted Christmas tree. It was what spring boarded them onto greater projects when their community based project grew into a national one.

It really was a great show, with lots of interesting sellers, and designer makers. We had to go around twice as there was so much to look at.
So a great day was ended by coming home to homemade mince pies!! Super festive now.

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