Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Fall Apples

At the weekend we popped round to my Grandmother's house for a brief visit. She is selling her house to downsize the garden to something a bit more manageable for her so every visit is very precious considering it may be our last before she moves.

He garden is really lovely this time of year- it's lovely all year round but different things pop up in the Autumn. Her lawn area is prone to being very damp and swampy in places, as if there used to be a stream running through it that was filled in, and she gets all sorts of mushrooms and toadstools popping up.

Inside it was warm and cosy as she had just lit a wood burner fire. There is something so endlessly fascinating about watching flames isn't there?

Back in the garden is a huge apple tree and I went around hoovering up some apples to bring home. They are huge cooking apples and really tasty stewed or in crumbles.

As soon as we got home I chopped a few up and added some sugar, water and cinnamon over a low heat. Stewed apples with custard for pudding!!

There are loads of apples left over, I might have to get a bit creative and see what else I can make with them.

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  1. Lovely set of photographs Beth. The caterpillar your Dad nearly trod on I think is of a Pale Tussock moth
    Here is a link to it.http://www.english-country-garden.com/animals/pale-tussock-moth.htm