Sunday, 29 November 2015

Little Angels

The other day, on my bus journey home from work, I was happily wandering around in the land of Pinterest, when I came across this little lovely. I was totally inspired and the next day sought out suitable fabrics and felt to make one of my own.

Rooting through the remnants pile in the dress fabrics section, I found these gorgeous snowflake fabrics which would be perfect for my version of the snow queen angel!! I made up my own pattern, using a CD for the circle of the cloak as suggested and then playing with the face size and heart shaped wings.

Mine differs from the original image slightly as I have added hair to my little angels, and have decorated the wings in my own way.

The cheeks are just gently coloured in with peach felt tip and the eyes are French knots, which I went over again once the face had been stuffed with toy stuffing to make them indented slightly. I'm thinking these would make for really sweet Christmas presents?

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