Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Christmas Things

Hello my friends!! I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to blog anymore- my computer died rather dramatically at the weekend right at the moment where the killer was about to reveal themselves in Criminal Minds (I still haven't found out who it was). I have spent the majority of my evening waiting for tests to be run and buffering type symbols run across the screen whilst the laptop sorted itself out, fingers crossed it won't happen again- especially as there is so much to write about at this time of the year!

Last Thursday we took the Guides ice skating at Calverley Grounds in Tunbridge Wells. I was there really early, sitting on a bench in the mizzle watching the session in the run up to the one we were booked in on. The rink looked so pretty surrounded by blue lights- they were strung up between the lamp posts, around the little huts, in the flowerbeds...

It was v.e.r.y wet!! It isn't quite cold enough here for the ice to stay icey and the rink keeps melting, so much so that when anyone slips over, they essentially land in a very shallow swimming pool.
I don't skate, I did go once but it was such a traumatic experience (lots of time spent upside down with ones legs ungainly waving in the air having fallen over, yet again) that I have vowed to never step on the ice again. It just isn't for me. I was more than happy, however, to offer words of support and encouragement from the side of the rink, and take on the responsible role of chief photographer.

At home the decorations have been up for a little while now and we are still enjoying walking into a room and being surrounded by festive lights, colour, sparkles and ornaments. We have two trees now as I bought a little one whilst I was at university, but the main tree (a 7 footer!!) is in the living room. It did at one time have a purple colour theme but everybody keeps adding to it and there are the traditional ornaments, plus the handmade collection which grows every year so the colour theme has kind of changed to 'anything goes'.

I have bought a new bauble for this year as I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. It's quite large and has sparkly peacock feathers on it, so pretty!

The little university tree is just right for the kitchen and sits on a dresser next to the table. Dad has gone a little bit mad with lights this year and keeps buying strings of battery operated lights, or posh new LED lights with all sorts of settings. We now have outside lights, and two strings on each tree, as well as a string on a bookcase and two new sets wound together and installed on the kitchen ceiling.

I have Christmas Cyclamen on the table. Usually it would be a bunch of flowers but I have been so busy lately that I haven't had a chance to buy any flowers. We do keep going to garden centres though and I really love Cyclamen so it seemed a good compromise.

At the weekend I had my works Christmas do. This is only the second one I have had with my current job and was very different to last years where I had to leave early. This time around I shared a room with one of my colleagues and Elvis and I booked in quite early to give us time to settle in.

As always, first things first- coffee!!

As I knew I was getting to the hotel early, I took a little WIP- the Christmas present for my Grandmother. It is so nearly finished now, tantalisingly so. But I think it is one of those projects where you could keep adding to it and it would just keep growing so at some point I will have to stop. The night before Christmas perhaps?

It was really rather splendid to be stretched out on a comfy bed, wearing my Christmas socks (one of many pairs), watching a Touch of Frost and stitching away- a very relaxing afternoon!

The party was rather splendid too. The hotel had a Hollywood theme and there were staff members dressed up as members of the paparazzi taking photos of all the guests as they walked in. There seemed to be several large groups from different companies so it was rather loud and boisterous, especially as the evening wore on. My food was lovely (brandy butter on the pudding, yum) and afterwards there was a disco which is always entertaining when members of management are involved!

This week is just as involved and action packed. There is all the present wrapping to do, cards to give out, people to see and have lunch with, handmade gifts to finish (and then wrap), more Christmas lunches, a pantomime....it really is all go!

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