Monday, 7 December 2015

Sheffield Shrooms

Hello! Have you all had nice weekends? Mine was jam packed in the end, I did all sorts of things. Saturday morning The Sister and I were up reasonably early to go to the Winter Fair at Ardingly Showground. Considering it was quite a little fair and awful weather at that time of the morning, it was surprisingly busy- we managed to get a couple more Christmas presents, munch on a very tasty cheese straw and say hello to the two reindeer, Betty Bauble and Mary Mistletoe.

On the way back home, The Sister wanted to detour slightly to visit Sheffield Park. She just wanted to go around the shop but I was all for having a quick wander around the garden whilst we were there and off we trotted.

Elvis popped out to say hello to the ducks, non of which seemed to fancy going for a swim, they were all sat around the edges of the pond.

It turned into a bit of a mushroom/toadstool/fungi hunt in the end, there were loads of different types hiding in the grasses. (We were also on the hunt for fallen pine/fir cones for a project I was planning; more on that in a different post.)

And there were lots of these wicker wreath sculptures around the walks, this one seemed to encircle a perfect view of the waterfall.

Elvis was in absolute awe of some of these big gnarled old trees. What they must have seen in their time in the park! They must have some great stories to tell.

It has been very mild so far this winter (in comparison to previous winters- not that it isn't absolutely freezing and blowing a gale), and there are Daffodils beginning to poke up through the soil as well as blossom on the trees.

The above fungi was really cool. I thought it was a caterpillar until I walked a little closer.

Regardless of the weather it was a really lovely, unexpected detour. We managed to do a bit more Christmas shopping whilst exiting through the shop too.

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