Saturday, 2 January 2016

End Of Year Review

Hello!! It is becoming a lovely ritual for me at the end of a year to go back to the beginning and see all of the projects I have started and completed, the visits, adventures, holidays, coffees, sunrises and photos, choosing my favourite ones and compiling them into photo montages for you to enjoy too. I find it quite hard to whittle down the photos into a well rounded selection but have tried my best!!

Above- My Hexagon quilt, Scones at Sheffield Park, Winter ATC, Quilted table case, Rainbow Umbrella, Sun at Sheffield Park.
Below- Brighton pier, Pampass feathers, Ziggy, My hexagon quilt, Two Turtle Doves ATC, Snowdrops.

Above- Daffodils, Apple Core quilt, The Natural History Museum, Quilted phone case, Valentines Day, Sunrise at the bus stop.
Below- The Natural History Museum, Apple Core Pieces, Blue Postcard, Pink Hyacinth, Three French Hens ATC, Flower Bouquet.

Above- Sunrise, Four Calling Birds ATC, Coffee, Kit, Tiles at Batemans, Superhero Cushions.
Below- Crocuses at Batemans, Copper & Blue ATC, Springtime Postcard, Sunrise, Purple Hyacinth, Granny Square Blocks.

Above- Harriet & Hamilton go to New York, Deer in Bradgate Park, Easter Tree, Bluebells, Dandelions, Yarn Bombing in Leicester.
Below- Crochet on the coach, Five Golden Rings ATC, Rainbow crochet squares, Finished crochet blanket, Leicester war memorial, Forget-Me-Knots.

Above- Rainbow, Rainbow Blanket, Strawberries, SoE Show Rose, Crochet Circles, Ziggy.
Below- Rainbow Blanket, Inchie Postcard, Bluebell Wood, Really Flowery ATCs, Wallflowers, Six Geese a Laying ATCs.

Above- Cheeky chicken, Blue sky, Poppies, Kit, Strawberries, Pen Pal pen.
Below- Seven Swans a Swimming ATC, Big Hexagon blanket, Roses, Block Hexagon shapes, French Lavender, Ziggy.

Above- Good Day hanging, Marigolds, Fruit picking, Fish, Circle square crochet, Hot air balloon.
Below- Purple flowers, Camp badges, Eight Maids a Milking ATC, Poppy, Colouring book, Block hexagon blanket.

Above- Boating, Knaresborough bridge, Firle Beacon, Glazy Daisy painting, Holiday breakfast, Block Hexagon blanket.
Below- Jelly Roll quilt top, Sunflower, Butterfly, Mini Hexagon Patchwork, Drawstring bags, Blue sky.

Above- Bonfire Night, Eleven Pipers Piping, Denim crazy quilt cushion, Elvis at Southover Grange, Weaving Loom, Sunrise.
Below- Elvis at Southover Grange, Embroidered K ATC, Ten Lords a Leaping ATC, Nine Ladies Dancing ATC, Recycled denim quilt, Purple Postcards and ATCs.

Above- Superhero Hamsters, Red, White & Red ATC, Crochet Squares, Caterpillar, Leaf patterns, Quilted star circle.
Below- Green & Pink Postcard, Autumnal Elvis, Blue Hydrangea, Star baby blanket, Pumpkin, Quilted star circle.

Above- Little Angel, Wood Burning Stoves, Sunset, Winter Project Blanket, Flower Bouquet, August Cottage Embroidery.
Below- Turning Leaves, Fall Apples, Travel Hams at ExCel London, Mince Pies, Knitted Gingerbread house, Ten Drummers Drumming.

Above- Handmade wreath, Red berries, Ziggy, August Cottage embroidery, Mince pie crochet, Sheffield Park.
Below- Ice Skating, Christmas table, Handmade decorations, Floral Bouquet, 12 Days of Christmas ATC, Cyclamen.

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