Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year!


Welcome to 2016! Did you have a lovely evening of celebration? Or are you like The Parents who go to bed at 9pm and don't really do anything to celebrate the passing of an old year and shaking off the cobwebs into a new one. I traditionally go to a friend's house as they always have a party at New Year and it seems to be the only time I can meet up with a lot of old friends. I don't know where the rest of the year goes that you can't meet up with people during it. Still, it is nice to have a reason for everybody to come together and catch up with how their lives have changed (or not)- something to look forwards to for this time next year.

Yesterday lunchtime (last year) I was enjoying a rather soothing break time treat involving seasonal 'Santa' Jelly Babies and a spot of crochet. You may have noticed that I have started a new project, The Mother's fault entirely as I haven't finished the other crochet blanket yet , but more on those later.

Really I was just enjoying the fact that the colour of the jelly babies matched the berry coloured wools!

It was beautiful weather outside, although when it turned dark the rains came which wasn't so lovely- I got soaked running home from the bus stop. It would be nice for this mild, wet and windy weather to actually turn into something recognisably Wintry. We seem to be stuck in Autumn weather at the moment, and many people, especially in places like Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria have had a very bad end and start of the year with the tragic flooding that has been happening. The South has had it very easy in comparison to the hardships that this weather has caused further North. I think everyone is longing for the dry nights and clear, crisp days that Winter usually brings us- it would be nice to have some snow too!

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