Tuesday, 26 January 2016

More Wool

I have bought more wool. I know I shouldn't have, especially as I have been trying to clear out all of those pesky odds and ends before buying more, but I have been inspired! I have been avidly following the progress of Attic 24's log cabin crochet blanket crochet-along, and although it is now finished and the ta-daah has been and gone, I have decided to make my own.

It isn't quite the same as I chose my own colours, you can pop along to the Attic 24 section of Wool Warehouse and buy the exact colours that Lucy used, but I prefer to pick my own and spent a glorious half hour umming and aaahing over the different colour combinations on the Wool Warehouse website.

I have gone with the same brand of wool though as it is my preferred choice too- such a lovely soft yarn, especially for a 100% acrylic. My colours are as follows:

Top Row: * Wisteria * Grape * Plum * Boysenberry * Raspberry * Pale Rose * Pomegranate * Claret *

Middle Row: * Citrus * Saffron * Spice *

Bottom Row: * Meadow * Lime * Turquoise * Cloud Blue * Storm Blue * Aster * Bluebell *

The above photo roughly works out my hot/cold ratio, although I have now switched so that Wisteria is one of my cool colours and I am moving Saffron to be one of my warm colours as well as one of the centre square colours.

At the weekend I made 8 of the centre squares, although I think I will be the same as Lucy and end up with 16. I was too excited to move on to the rounds of 'logs' to continue with these little sunny squares though.

It is funny how well all of these colours mush together. They don't always look like some will go but when it is all in one square the clashing doesn't seem as bold and the squares are just super happy. My squares are ending up slightly bigger than in the original pattern as I am using a 4.5mm hook rather than the 4mm as suggested on the wool label, so my squares are around 22cm wide rather than 20cm and slightly looser (it's all in the tensioning!).

First square done!!! 15 more to go!!

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