Saturday, 16 January 2016

Sirdar Supersoft Blanket Ta-Daah

Now this is my favourite kind of Winter. Pale, gently warming sunshine peeping over houses and making the garden glow. Still, chilly air- the kind of chilly that makes you want to put a hat and gloves on just to answer the door. Cheeping birds scurrying around in the frozen flowerbeds and delicate frost dusting leaves and icing petal edges.

Blue skies too, beautiful blue, creating the perfect back drop for the sun tinged Pampass Grasses whilst they glitter in the morning sunlight.

But I am not here to wax lyrical about the sun or the frost or the weather or the growing Primulas- I am here to show you my final, finished, hand-me-down crochet project. I know I said I would wait for my next Winter Project Link Up Party, which this blanket has featured in (one post every month since October last year, linking up with the party hosted by Jen at Thistle Bear) but I really really couldn't make myself wait when I saw what the weather outside was like, and once the photos were taken I couldn't hold on to them for another two weeks without showing anybody. So without further ado.... I am proud to present.... my finished Sirdar Supersoft Blanket!!!!!


Let me give a quick re-cap for you of this blanket's story. 18 squares up to the blue double crochet border were made by my Aunt, who got bored and uninspired by it so gave them to me along with some oddments of the yarn. I had to match the yarn and the colours, which worked in some cases but not in others so there are variants in the green and darker blue colour which is quite nice actually as it clearly indicates who made which square. The rest of the squares were made completely by me, trying to keep my tension the same as my Aunt's (I crochet a lot tighter) so the squares were the same size, and working out the pattern by examining the original squares.

I added three rows of treble granny stitches to each of the squares to lighten them and give them a wide border, using the join as you go method to attached the squares on the third round.

The border for the blanket is made with two rows of double crochet, and three rows of treble granny stitches repeated, to try and replicate what was happening in the centre squares. It has also added more stitches to the border so the final finish is frilled and fluffy where there is so much of an increase.

This is the first blanket (I think) that I have made in an aran wool and the difference in thickness is really noticeable when the yarn is twisted and put together. This is such a warm blanket and has been a pleasure to work on through the winter. I can see myself snuggling up under it whilst I work on the second Winter project (my Rooster Criss Cross blanket) and being super cosy under all that woolly goodness.

The only worrying part is that now my Aunt has seen what I have done to her 18 squares, she wants the whole blanket back for herself!!

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