Sunday, 7 February 2016

Snuggle Review

Eurgh. So much wetness. The last few weekends have been really wet, dull and windy. It seems to only be sunny during the week when I am holed up in a little office at work, unable to see the weather due to lack of windows.

Last weekend we went up to my Grandmother's new house for a visit. Strangely we see less of her now she lives closer than we did when she lived in the next town over- something we are trying to rectify and bring a new routine into.

Everyone is very excited about her garden. She has a gardener friend who goes over there every week to help her maintain her outdoor space, but other than tidy up weeds and trim back overgrown bushes, they have both agreed not to do any landscaping or major work this year, just to wait and see what is already there. It is a gentle way of introducing yourself to a garden, let it show you what it can do before you start making suggestions on improvements.

Already there are some beautiful flowers appearing in the flowerbeds.

The little Iris's are so cute, no more than 20 centimetres off the ground, and such a vivid blue with the shock of yellow in the centre.

I am very thankful that I have a hobby which really focuses on colour and warmth. Crochet truly comes into its own during the Autumn and Winter months. Even if you aren't a creator of crocheted items, most people appreciate using crocheted or knitted things, and I have given several of my blankets away to friends and family to keep them warm. With all my talk in the previous post of finishing several blankets at once, I decided to flick through some old photos of all of my previous blankets, looking back through my collection of projects past. I have done a review on here before, in January 2016, but now have so many more blankets to add to my list, that I have made them into quick little montages for you. So, in no particular order....

* January 2014:: Bobble Blanket (Not Finished) * Jan/Feb 2016:: Log Cabin * April 2012:: Mother's Day Blanket * February 2012:: Giant Granny Square *

* January 2016:: Criss Cross Rooster * June 2012:: The Brother's Ripple * March 2012:: Large Granny Square * April 2015:: Mix & Match Blanket *

* March 2013:: Granny Square * March 2013:: African Flower Hexie (Not Finished) * September 2012:: Crochet Patchwork * June 2015:: Giant Hexagon * 

* January 2016:: Sirdar Granny Square * August 2014:: Sunset Ripple * August 2015:: Block Hexagon * May 2015:: Rainbow Blanket * 

* July 2012:: Hexagon Blanket * (And including cushions....) * February 2012:: Granny Square Block Cushions * Date Unknown:: Beige Blooming Flower Cushions * May 2012:: Blooming Flower Cushions *

So, how about that then? I don't think I've forgotten any blankety projects, there are at least 17 different blankets, two incomplete ones, and about 8 cushions including the two below that were gifts to grandparents (a sort of his and hers, except they are on opposite sides of the family). I don't think all this wooliness is bad going for just under 6 years of crocheting!!

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